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Building Success, Word by Word

Build Authority & Passive Leads for Organic Traffic, Sustained Growth, & Scaling Business

Online is Today’s “Local”. Establish your Brand Authority and go “Global.”

SEO, Web Articles, Copywrites, to Comprehensive technical manuals, process documents and Technical Whitepapers and Docs — “Business Scribes” caters to all your content needs.

Vetted Experts across Industries, engaged to craft your website with quality articles, and Rank #1 on Google within 90 Days. (Challenge Accepted!) Money Back Guaranteed. 

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All The Content You Need, and More!

SEO - Local/International

- Keyword Analysis
- SEO Driven Content
- Internal Link optimization
-Meta data and Optimizing existing content
- Site Audits and Content strategy

Improve your Online Presence and boost SERP Rankings to #1 in 90 Days.


- Content for CEOs (Articles, Insights, & Posts)
- Whitepapers, and Web content
- Newsletters and Press release
- Research Articles
- Case studies and Product comparison & reviews

Save Time and Resources, let experts write content for you.

SOPs, Manuals, & Tech Documentation

- ISO 9001:2015 Certified QMS Documentation (I, II, III, IV Levels)
-SOPs, Work Instruction guides, FAQs, Guides, and Flowcharts.
-Training Documents, Whitepapers, and Digital File formatting

You don't need to spend on ISO Audits (For All Industries, sectors)

Marketing Creatives & Social Media

- LinkedIn Articles (Trends, Informational & engaging)
- Case studies, Summaries, Reports
- Email Copies, Ad content, and Lead generation material
- Social Media Scripts

Establish your identity as Industry Leader on social media.

Let's Rank you #1 on Google

Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines recommend building your E.A.T (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) to Rank #1 on Google. Here's how "Business Scribes" will help you build E.A.T 

Leverage social media to Establish Brand Identity & target Potential clients

While content is a key element, social media establishes your online presence, helps brand engage a wider audience & allows you engage your target audience and share valuable content.

Fact: 90% of marketers claim social marketing has increased brand exposure, & 75% confirm increased organic traffic.

Passive Leads & Sustained Growth with SEO content. Let Google Recognize you

Content Quality demonstrates expertise in your field, generating brand trust and passive leads. Hire our subject matter experts to create organic content for your business.

Fact: Hubspot's Global Marketing report, 2023, states that 23.84% of High Performing sites publish Quality content everyday.

Competitor analysis, Site Optimization, and Performance Monitoring

Review the Leaders of your Industry, strategize the Content, optimize website's speed and performance, and drive audience with by offering a better user experience.

Fact: "competitive analysis helps businesses establish benchmarks, identify and fill crucial gaps in, & stay ahead of trend" — Forbes

Why Content Matters for your Business?

"To Gain Customer's Trust and Scale Organically"

Yet, in today’s business landscape, owners face various content challenges:

AI-Written Articles getting Penalized, damaging Brand equity

Using AI for Web content is a disastrous idea. Google and other search algos recognize AI-written content as “primary purpose of manipulating ranking in search results”, which is policy violation.
With the AI-driven search crawlers, you website can be penalized for AI Content.

Keyword-based Articles, are thing of Past (Hummingbird Update). Today E.A.T Matters.

Google Hummingbird Update has changed the SEO Landscape, from Keyword based content to prioritizing Brand/Website E.A.T (Expertise, Authority, and Trust).
Investing in content quality is a permanent asset.

Content compliance with QMS Criteria is Mandatory. Have you checked yet?

ISO 9001:2015 and other Certifications require companies to maintain standard documentation for all their processes.
ISO has recommends four levels of documents, sort and stored with an operations Flowchart.

Quality Web Content is the Hallmark of a recognized brand, and we can help you become one!

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Expert Vs Mediocre/AI Content - Results

Business owners often fall for the appeal of Mediocre and AI-generated content, coated with a promise of quick and inexpensive solutions, but fail to understand that such content serves NO purpose

Mediocre vs Expert
written Technical Docs

With Expert-written technical documentation,  business owners benefit from clear, consistent, compliant, and efficient content that effectively conveys complex technical information.

AI Written SOP vs Expert Written SOPAI Written SOP vs Expert Written SOP

While Expert content assures you of ISO compliance and addresses the skill & understanding level of the readers, Mediocre content is often prone to multiple revisions, difficult to comprehend, and lacks clarity and consistency

A.I. vs Expert
written web Content

With expert-written content, business owners can benefit from original, creative, accurate, and persuasive web content that effectively conveys their brand’s voice and message.

Expert COmpAI COmp

While Expert content assures you rank in the First page of search results, produce content that connects with Humans, and Improve your Brand credibility, Mediocre and AI-Generated content is a lost investment opportunity. (Given that today’s search engines are capable of filtering Human, and AI-written content)

Quality content at scale.

Establish and Elevate your Brand Equity with Four(4) Pillars:

Partner with Business Scribes

Technical Documentation

- User manuals, product guides, and API documentation.
- Whitepapers, Product reviews, Technical PPTs, Insights, FAQs, Training Material, and Research content.

- Our Promise: Clarity, accuracy, and user-friendliness in technical content.

SEO & Website Content

- Strategic integration of keywords and SEO best practices. Engaging blog posts, landing pages, and product descriptions to strengthen online presence and attract organic traffic.

- Our Promise: Improved search engine rankings & organic traffic. Content for generating engagement and conversions.

Marketing, Social Media Content

- Captivating posts, infographics, and promotional materials to boost brand visibility and audience engagement.

- Our Promise: Customized social media strategies to maximize reach, create brand awareness, loyalty, and foster meaningful connections with the audience.

Metrics and Performance Analysis

- Performance reports and data analysis on content engagement, conversion rates, and audience feedback.

- Our Promise: Data-driven insights to optimize content strategies, identify improvement areas, and enhance content effectiveness, for digital growth and improved ROI.

Brand Outreach - Content Tech Solutions

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Go Global —International SEO

Planning for overseas expansions? Our international SEO services can help your business reach a global audience.

By using hreflang tags, we can help search engines understand your page versions and cater various language. This ensures your target audience will land on the version of your site that is most useful to them.

Let us help you to expand your reach by communicating your message to a global audience

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NLP, NLG, & AI models

Is creating high-quality content time-consuming and challenging?

Our personalized and automated content creation tools with advanced NLP, NLG, and AI technologies will save you time and allow for the creation of content on a large scale.

Let us help you to streamline your content creation process and achieve your goals.

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AI-Gen Voice Integrations

Our AI-generated voice reading integrations can enhance your content and improve audience engagement.

High-quality audio content like voiceovers are quick and cost-effective, and capable of rendering numerous languages and accents.

Let us help you to reach a global audience and effectively communicate your message through the power of AI-generated voice.”

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Step Wise! Process - From Contract to Delivery

Step-1#1. Understanding Requirements
Step-2#2. Contract Success Terms
Step-3#3. Delivery and Project Completion

Join Us And Achieve your
Digital Marketing Goals

“Business Scribes” offer Industry standard content, and for every client the guarantee of satisfaction with our cashback policy—a feature that ensures you are Risk free.

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Business Scribes offer Industry standard content, and for every client the guarantee of satisfaction with our cashback policy—a feature that ensures you are Risk free.

Industries we cater to

Manufacturing, Industries, & Software

  • User guides, training documents, FAQs, and technical documentation
  • Informative articles, insights on industry topics
  • SEO-optimized technical blog posts
  • Compelling case studies, Product descriptions, Spec sheets
  • Product release, newsletters, and feature highlights

Finance and Business

  • Well-researched financial industry reports
  • Persuasive business proposals and plans
  • SEO-friendly content for fintech companies (ex. crypto, blockchain)
  • Edu content for investment and insurance products
  • Reviews and Insights on Financial products and services

Marketing and Advertising

  • Compelling ad copies, taglines for various platforms
  • Product descriptions, FAQs, Training material, and value propositions
  • Informative articles, Case studies, Success stories
  • SEO Blog posts, and social media content (platform-specific)
  • SEO Audits, Landing pages, & Performance Reviews

Healthcare, Education, and Social Service

  • Educational and informational content – articles, copies, fundraising material
  • Developing case studies and success stories
  • Climate change, disaster management, and relief related documents
  • Education sector – Ebooks, Pamphlets, Guides, etc.


Harnessing the Power of Social Media for Business Growth

Harnessing the Power of Social Media for Business Growth

Transform your social media presence into a growth engine. Learn from successful case studies and proven techniques to boost engagement and sales.

Mastering Content Delivery: Key to SEO and Traffic

Mastering Content Delivery: Key to SEO and Traffic

Learn how effective content delivery drives SEO success and boosts website traffic. Case studies and examples included.

Maximizing Productivity: Competitor analysis & Performance Metrics

Maximizing Productivity: Competitor analysis & Performance Metrics

Gain actionable insights to maximize productivity. Learn how to conduct competitor analysis and track the metrics that matter.

Empowering Businesses through Content Marketing

"Build your Digital Brand as a Business Leader"

Building Success, Word by Word

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